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Case Study: From Time-Out To Time In!

M was referred to The Albion Foundation School in September 2014 following a number of incidents of aggressive behaviour at school.

M displayed a poor attitude towards school and learning, lacking motivation and had distinctive behavioural difficulties.

All pupils on the Primary Time Out project are given an average score out of 10 that reflects their attitude, behaviour and motivation towards learning when with Albion Foundation Staff, they are also given a weekly score out of ten from their school that reflects the same criteria. Before M came to us, we agreed that he would follow a pre-arranged set of targets that he will be able to take back into school, these were:

1. Follow instructions sensibly

2. Complete and agreed amount of work

3. Improve aspirations – M feels that everything is too much trouble

Time Out Case StudyWhen M came to his first session at The Albion Foundation School on Friday 19th September 2014, he displayed the same negative behaviour that school had referred him for which resulted in a physical fight with another pupil giving him a daily score of four.

The second week that M returned to us there was a turn around and M displayed a much healthier attitude even taking on a positive leadership role that usually in school is a negative role for M. This week saw only low level disruption such as staying on task and not following instructions rather than the aggressive behaviour seen previously, giving M a daily score of 6.3, much improved.

When collating the data that we have on M it is very easy to see that there have been massive improvements in the behaviour and attitude that is being displayed. Below is a table of the weekly average scores when taking into account his school score and daily score here with us up to Friday 1st December 2014.

As you can see from the weekly scores, M has made constant improvements at both school and The Albion Foundation. From a personal point of view, the positive attitude that M now has towards both learning and other pupil is vast improved. It is really pleasing to hear that M is carrying on these positive changes into his time at school and this is reflected in his new found maturity.

From an academic point of view M has also made great leaps in Numeracy since coming to the Albion Foundation. In September, M’s Numeracy testing scores were a level 2b and he scored 60% in his mental maths tests. However, in the latest end of term assessment (dated 12.12.14) he moved to a 2a and scored 80% in his mental maths test. The targets that we had pre-determined with M are now being met weekly in the sessions he attends and in order for him to make progress they will be reviewed in January 2015.

The type of progress seen from pupils such as M is proof that the Primary Time Out Project is valuable and we as an organisation will endeavour to continue our support in the schools proactive approach in changing the attitudes of their ‘challenging pupils’.

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