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Foundation Focus: Matthew Griffin

Matthew joined the Barclays Premier League Works programme in January 2016, Matthew had moved from education provider to part-time jobs since leaving school but struggled to find something he really enjoyed.


At 12 years old Matthew was involved in a very serious car accident that left him with brain damage and being deaf in one ear, this has clearly had an effect on Matthew’s confidence moving into his adult years.

Matthew lives and grew up in the area of Erdington, 49% of Erdington’s population live in deprived neighbourhoods and 31.5% of children growing up in the area are defined as living in poverty.  665 18 to 24 year olds claim Job Seeker’s Allowance in the Erdington area which equates to 6.8% which significantly higher than the whole of Birmingham which only has a percentage of 4.9% and also higher than the national figure 1.5%.

Matthew’s application whilst on the course has been excellent with him achieving 98% attendance and achieving over 120 hours contact time, Matthew has also achieved his Sports Leaders level 1 qualification.

Matthew’s Occupational Therapist Kate Neal said “Matthew has come a long way since I started supporting him last year. I have seen an increase in his confidence and ability to speak up and make decisions for himself, his self-development is clear to see.

Attending the project with The Albion Foundation was a great opportunity for Matthew. It gave him opportunity to socialise with other young people and participate in new experiences which he really seemed to enjoy. “

Dan Crane Barclays Premier League Works Coordinator said “During the early stages of the programme it was clear Matthew was very shy and quiet and lacked confidence around other participants. Matthew was very reluctant to voice his opinions in discussion’s and group activities.

Our staff were very surprised to learn in Matthews initial one to one that he had a keen interest in becoming a sports coach, but as with all our participants we aim to help them improve their skill set for the job they would most like to do. “

Every participant was asked to fill in a pre and post questionnaire on their understanding of money management and behaviour towards money Matthew showed a lack of knowledge in both these area’s scoring an average of 5.5 on money management and 6 on behaviour towards money after attending all our of our financial workshops led by Barclays staff, Matthew’s money management score increased to 8 and his behaviour towards money also increased to 8. This is a positive step for Matthew as he has now secured employment and will responsible for his own finances.

Confidence was something that clearly affected Matthew and the rest of his group, because of this The Foundation staff delivered several workshops on confidence, self-motivation and self-esteem to help the group make the necessary steps to move forward and confidence in their own ability was a key element to ensure this happened.

Katie Pittaway, Inspire Coach said “It’s been great to see the change in Matthew he was so shy when he first started but is now delivering sports sessions to the rest of the group and really getting involved in group challenges and really excelled on our apprentice challenge and give back day”.

Matthew said “ I really enjoyed the course at The Albion Foundation I have learned lots of new skills that will help me get a job, they have given me a taste of coaching and this is something I want to do long term, the biggest thing I will take away is my improved confidence , I am now much more outgoing and now socialise much more”.

Now Matthew has completed his initial 12 week programme he will be moving on to a traineeship with FSDA, during the traineeship Matthew will complete his FA coaching level 1, first aid and safe guarding he will then gain valuable coaching experience on a work placement.

Malcolm Matthews tutor at FSDA said ” Matty has been doing his work placement in Leigh Primary School for the past three weeks, helping with PPA, lunch clubs and after school clubs.

The next step for Matty is to work on our summer camps with working towards starting an apprenticeship; with more hard work from Matty we hope he can become a top quality coach.”

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