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The Albion Foundation Returns to “Pass It Forward”

The Albion Foundation has returned to India for the third time this year as part of the Pass It Forward initiative launched by the club earlier this year.

IMG-20160911-WA0013The project, run in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton and West Bromwich Albion, sees Foundation Coaches Dave Lawrence and Sam Whitmore joined by two students from the University of Wolverhampton as the Foundation and Football Club continues to educate youngsters and coaches in the Indian capital, Delhi.

Dave and Sam will teach local coaches to run informative sessions as the Foundation works with over 10,000 up-and-coming footballers in schools across Delhi over a six-week period.

IMG-20160911-WA0012They will be joined by coaches from Delhi Dynamos as both clubs work to develop and inspire the next generation of Indian footballers.

This latest drive from The Albion Foundation coincides with the start of the Delhi Dynamos Youth League season, which continues to be implemented by the club’s India coaching partner Youth Football International (YFI).

And Lawrence, Albion’s U15/16 coach, believes the work of Jonas Olsson and The Albion Foundation has already made an impact and given youth football a greater platform.

“India is an emerging footballing nation and the Indian Government is very passionate in its efforts to improve the standard of the sport from the bottom up.

West Bromwich Albion have already played a part in that and it will be fantastic for all concerned if we continue to do so,” he said.

The ‘Pass it Forward’ programme is part-funded by the University of Wolverhampton, with the assistance of the Delhi State Government, Delhi Dynamos and Youth Football International.


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