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Jan 17 Sit Up 1

Players pass on fitness tips to pupils

PUPILS at Moat Farm Junior School were paid a surprise visit by two of West Bromwich Albion’s stars as part of their recent studies into have health and fitness in P.E. lessons.

The unsuspecting Year 5 group were able to meet Jonas Olsson and Sam Field as the pair took part in the their P.E class.

The children completed an interval fitness circuit and learned all about the different muscle groups that they were working on, along with the aims and objectives to help improve their physical fitness.

The players re-emphasised the importance of health and fitness for life as a professional footballer and how it plays a part in their daily training routine.

In the process of this, the players demonstrated and joined in all of the exercises with little competitions between pupils and the players taking place on many of the activities.

One pupil even took on Olsson in a press up challenge!

At the conclusion of the physical session, pupils got autograph sheets of the players signed while taking the opportunity to ask any questions.

Liz Shaw, the Deputy Head Teacher at Moat Farm Junior School, spoke about how the day went.

“The afternoon was a great success with both the players and pupils appearing to really enjoy themselves.

“The kids were so excited – thank you for setting it up and it being so successful.”

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