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Albion Apprentice

During the February half term The Albion Foundation ran the Albion Apprentice Challenge where children from Ormiston Forge Academy were invited along to design their own sports drink.

The three groups had the first two days to research and plan their adverts while filming took place on the Wednesday up at the Hawthorns.

Find out what Jack, one of the participants, thought of the challenge!

Monday 20th February

When I woke up I was very excited but I was nervous because I nearly missed the coach, but luckily I got there in time! We arrived at the Hawthorns and went into the Media Suite where we made our teams. Our group leader, Erin, announced our task for the week. We had to invent our own sports drink and make our own advert for it! Firstly we did some market research by testing other sport drinks. This included the likes of Lucozade and we rated them out of 10 for their taste.

We spent the morning trying to come up with our energy drink name and slogan. The product names were Tempo for my team; Breakthru for Hayden’s team and Hydroaid for Scott’s team. Then, we went around the stadium and took some photos of where we could film our advert. My favourite part of the stadium was the subs bench because that is where famous footballers have sat and the chairs were quite comfy. Also, seeing the pitch up close was awesome but it didn’t look as big as it does on the TV.

After lunch, we went to the sports hall to play Golden Ball and football. Team Breakthru won the football. After the hour and a half of sport we went home. When I got home I was really excited for the next day but I was tired.

Tuesday 21st February

On Tuesday we went to the Albion Foundation School and 2 new students arrived. We went through our product and told them about our ideas for our advert. Next we had to make a questionnaire to do some consumer research. For example, one of the questions we asked was ‘do you like the name Tempo for a sports drink?’

After break, someone had to make a story board from the photos we took at the stadium to help us form the running order of our adverts. We were all excited as we knew Jonas Olsson was coming to see us afterwards. After what felt like an entire eternity, his long flowing locks finally came through the door. When he came through the door I was ecstatic as I had never met a footballer before!

We got to ask Olsson some questions about our drink and some questions about his career. We asked him whether or not he liked the name Tempo (which is the name of our drink) and he said he liked the name. After asking our questions we were able to get things signed and have a selfie with him. He was very approachable and friendly.

Wednesday 22nd February

Today was the day we had all been waiting for: FILMING OUR ADVERTS! First we designed our label for our bottle and then we went off to film.  We went to lots of different parts of the Hawthorns and filmed there, we even got to film by the pitch. My favourite part of the filming was when the player did the skills. After we had lunch we went to perfect our advert. We were all so tired from a jam packed day.

Thursday 23rd February

Today we had a quiz, guessing the player’s names and my team scored 29 out of 30. Then, we went over to the sports hall. We played Danish Long ball, cricket and football. In Danish Long ball and cricket, my team lost and in football all of the matches ended in a goalless draw. In the afternoon we had loads of fun editing our adverts and perfecting our presentations ready for Saturday.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed it and I am so happy that I have had the chance to take part in this awesome activity and am looking forward to the game V Bournemouth on Saturday. I am also looking forward to the presentation and hope that team Tempo win. Thank you Erin for this opportunity, I’ll try and remember you when I’m the next Lord Sugar!


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