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120 Club

120 Club hits the right notes during February half term!

Students from The Albion Foundation’s 120 Club were invited for two days of fun during February half term with the opportunity to create their own music beats.

Each child carefully followed a ‘how to make your own beats’ guide.

They first learnt many skills and musical terminology, such as how to copy and paste, tempo, editing, looping and how to count beats.

On the second day, students put their skills into practice and created their own beats before planning and writing an eight-bar rap about topics such as family life and school.

Each performed their rap to the rest of the group. All worked hard on this and showed enjoyment throughout both days.

Student A enjoyed the two-day course: “I can’t wait to go home and make some more beats!”

Chelsea Wood, one of the Foundation’s  Inspire Coaches, was impressed by the pupils’ work.

“All the children did fantastic and I am so proud of them all.”

120 Club provides these young people with a safe and welcoming environment that they can interact with others in care.

The Club also enables them to make new friends, raise self-confidence and develop their social skills through cooking, arts & crafts and team building activities, all of which are transferable skills to school activities.

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