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Coaches Corner

How to develop leaders.

As a Foundation we like to incorporate the FA four corner model philosophy into our coaching methods. We help develop the four key attributes identified by the FA, that are vital for any developing young sporting person. Leadership primarily falls into the Social corner.

Leaders can help shape follower attitudes and behaviour which definitely shows within the programmes we run at The Albion Foundation. Young Leaders and Albion Ambassadors promote and support the older pupils to provide model behaviour and positivity to younger pupils around school.

These 2 programmes are the main projects we deliver to develop leadership and the outcomes are very similar. Albion Ambassadors is a programme that aims to develop and enhance leadership skills in young children, the course is rolled out in primary schools and uses a series of themed theory and practical sessions to teach effective leadership to all participants.

Our young leaders programme also aims to develop and enhance leadership skills in young children. The areas of focus for leadership are communication, teamwork, organising, planning, compromise, confidence and behaviour. All of the skills listed will be the modules of learning through practical and theory. To give you an insight into the type of activities that take place during these projects, when we were looking at communication, we set the young leaders a task to fill a display board within school, with posters showing why it is good to be a young leader and what it entails. They had time to discuss the answers and how they were going to get the message across to peers in a creative way. For the practical they had to take part in team building activities to then replicate to younger peers at lunch time. These types of theory and practical sessions around different skills happen on a weekly basis allowing young leaders to deliver sporting activities at lunch time on a daily basis.

The young leaders at Tividale Community Primary School received a visit from West Bromwich Albion’s Goal Keeper Ben Foster, who encouraged them to continue their great work and to remember to be “Kind every single day.” This was really inspiring for them and something I am sure they will never forget.

The individuals are often chosen and asked by the head teacher if these skills are something they would like to improve, leading up to an overall project target of organising and delivering bigger events, for example inter school competitions or sports days towards the end of the year. With the end goal being long term, it is important we continue to make them feel valued by giving them lots of recognition formally and informally.

We feel these programmes are beneficial as it is shaped around young people’s needs which stretches and challenges the leaders, however at the same time they are enjoying themselves and are able to reflect and recognise how much of an impact they are having. We also feel this programme will leave a legacy that can continue to run for many years within school and in general life. Instilling these ideals from an early age will help develop their personality and social skills. Young leaders will create a bond and friendship with their younger peers and this relationship could be invaluable throughout their school life. As a foundation and a school partnership we will evaluate and measure these programmes to show the impact it has on both the school and its pupils.

Partner / Supporting Quotes:

  • Emma Burnell – Tividale Community Head Teacher, “We have a group of 8 Year 5 pupils who are currently being developed a Young Leaders to support other children in sports activities. It is a great opportunity for them to be introduced to leadership, giving them knowledge of how to organise and lead small games and activities that can be used as part of our lunchtime play sessions. The pupils have already demonstrated that they have developed their leadership and social skills, such as, organisation, communication and teamwork. The programme has also helped ensure that our Young Leaders confidence and self-esteem has been raised, as they take on responsibility of leading their peers and younger children.”

Simon Sinek, “Two ways to see the world – Some people see the thing they want and some people see the thing that prevents them from getting the thing that they want”.

Due to the success and positive feedback from these programmes, we have gained interest from more schools to run these programmes. The Albion Foundation will continue to work extremely hard in developing the programme content, to allow coaches to provide high quality sessions, whilst insuring we continue to make a difference within our schools.


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