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Foundation to launch new initiative in April

The new project from The Albion Foundation, ‘Albion Cares’ will be officially launched on April 8 ahead of the match against Southampton.

The programme has been launched by Albion’s official charity in an effort to help disabled people get into employment.

The Club have offered placements to three young adults looking for work, with the aim to eventually have workplaces around the area involved with the project.

Rob Lake, Foundation Director, explained why the initiative has been created.

“We have 100 unemployed adults who play for our disability football teams who we were aware had little to do off the pitch but have so much to offer in the workplace.”

“We now want local businesses to get on board with the project and give these people an opportunity.

“It’s not about looking at what they can’t do, but what they can do.

The Foundation itself employs seven members of staff with a range of disabilities and or learning difficulties.

“This is not about feeling sorry for people with disabilities and learning difficulties, each one of the people we employ or have on placement adds value to our organisation.

“We know that others can do the same for local businesses.”

 More information about the project and how local businesses can get involved will follow in the coming weeks.

 And you can see Josh Naif’s story in the video below.

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