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Moar Farm 2

Moat Farm Easter Joy

Monday and Tuesday of the first week of the Easter Holidays saw The Albion Foundation deliver our usual holiday provision at Moat Farm Junior School through the Inspire programme with 20 pupils participating during the two days.

Many of the youngster’s favourite games and activities took place such as, dodgeball, football, basketball, kick cricket and a few others.

However it was an exciting new activity that caught the imagination of many of the children. One of The Albion Foundation members of staff who was present had not worked on one of our activity camps before.

A new member of staff often brings new ideas with them. In this particular case a blind assault course was set up for the pupils to complete in small teams.

Not only was this great fun, but it also encouraged pupils to work as a team. One pupil in the team was blindfolded while teammates had to guide them around the course using good communication skills.

Obviously the pupil blindfolded was then required to use good listening skills to act up the instructions given. It was brilliant to see pupils getting so positively involved.

Everyone who came to the holiday camp really enjoyed themselves and we’re excited to share the experiences with their families when the day was over.

One year three pupil was overheard explaining to his father how much fun he had during the day especially with the assault course challenge!

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