The Albion Foundation is uniquely recognised for the quality delivery of sport and education

“Inspire” is the deployment of a member of The Albion Foundation staff in your school to support young people with challenging behaviour or in need of support to raise their attainment within school.

“Inspire” coaches will:

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  • Coordinate and deliver holiday provision for your school,
  • Provide rewards and incentives,
  • Organise and deliver out of school activities including match day activities.
Typical Week:

– Support in Years 4 and 5,
– Guided reading groups,
– In-class support,
– Maths and English group work and intervention,– Break and lunchtime diversion and enrichment,
– PE delivery to pupils in all year groups across 4 days.

Breakfast Club
The Albion Foundation are present at Breakfast Club 5 days a week, initially working with the group in the dining hall, then bringing a group over to the gym for a sports based session. The breakfast club manager has commented that Gemma, Dave and Andy are an asset to the club and it makes a huge difference having them available every morning. Children taking part in the sports activity really enjoy this and it is a positive start to the day for them.

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In-class Support 
Gemma and Dave are based in Year 4, two days each, supporting bottom set Literacy and lower middle set Numeracy. They have continued to work very well as members of our Year 4 team, offering quality support to the children she works with. Having already completed a year with them, she is fully aware of year 6 routines and expectations and the Year 6 Leader has commented that she is a very valued member of the team.

Andy is based in Year 5, supporting Literacy, Numeracy and Guided Reading. He has quickly learnt the routines and expectations for these sets and works well alongside the class teacher and other support staff to motivate and encourage children to complete their work to the best of their ability.

DSC_0550Lunchtime support
Gemma and Dave organise activities on the Year 3 playground. They deal with behaviour effectively, communicating any issues to class teachers or the year group leader as appropriate. Andy offers support on the Year 5. He organises activities for the year group as well as ensuring that children who have friendship issues/ behaviour issues on the playground are well supported. He deals with any behaviour problems effectively.

Curriculum Enrichment
Albion Foundation staff follow the planning of the P.E Co-ordinator to deliver sessions to every year group. Each term, the focus will be on a different sport.

Behaviour/ Emotional supportScreen Shot 2016-08-19 at 13.38.56
When they are not involved in supporting in the classroom or delivering for Curriculum Enrichment, Gemma, Dave and Andy work with a number of individuals to support their behaviour and emotional needs. They regularly meet with Nicky Sharman, Moat Farm’s learning mentor, to discuss where progress is being made with children and any others who may need their support.

As last year, Gemma has developed very trusting relationships with the children that she is mentoring. She makes time to see them on a regular basis and is always available to support other children in Year 6 who may have any day-to-day problems.

Case Study

Andy has worked particularly well with a pupil in Year 5 (LM) who is often disengaged with school. However, LM is talented at many sports, particularly football and cricket and is a big WBA fan. Andy has been a role model to him and been able to use sport as an avenue and motivational tool to get him back on track.

After School Clubs

Throughout the last academic year (2015/16), Andy, Dave and Gemma have run a total of 22 after school clubs. Clubs on offer to pupils have included:

  • FootballScreen Shot 2016-08-19 at 13.38.04
  • Art
  • Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Multi-sports
  • Cricket
  • Olympic-style sports

Activities have achieved a great response with a cumulative total of 518 pupils attending.

“I am so glad to have The Albion Foundation as part of our school, we really appreciate the work you do here.Lara Stone – Head teacher at Moat Farm Junior School.

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