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The Albion Foundation prides itself on listening to their community and adapting to support it best. Working closely with our partners across the borough of Sandwell, including the Local Authority and schools we aim to reduce exclusions within the primary sector. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 16.21.15The Albion Foundation has put together a primary strategy that above all focuses on helping to reduce primary exclusion. Our new out of school provision, which allowed schools the opportunity to refer pupils who are at greatest risk of exclusion sometime out of their school for up to two days a week and undertake a programme that will work towards successfully reintegrating them back into mainstream education, controlling their behaviour in a mature manner. We work in small groups with high staff ratios on pupils behaviour with us and back in school – pupils take part in sport, numeracy, literacy and history sessions.

Primary Time-Out strives for the very best for every pupil the programme supports. The project has developed a new approach that will further support each school when the referred pupils are based at their Primary schools. At the end of each week the schools grade their pupils out of 10 for their behaviour in Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 16.01.19keeping with the young person’s behaviour plan. For a pupil to receive rewards through The Albion Foundation and West Bromwich Albion Football Club pupils will need to score above an agreed benchmark within a set period of time. Incentives such as match day tickets, first team player appearances and many more will be used to reward positive changes in behaviour.

Time-Out Quote A Review of Primary Time-Out in 2015/16:

Every Thursday and Friday The Albion Foundation offers a primary-time out programme for KS2 pupils. The programme allows schools the opportunity to refer Key stage 2 pupils who are at risk of exclusion some time out of their school for one or two days week to attend our programme.

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The programme works to successfully reintegrate them back into mainstream education as well as giving them the skills and strategies to be successful when in school. The pupils across the course of the year have taken part in ICT, Maths, Science, Art, sport, Literacy and cooking lessons with reward trips taking place every half term for good behaviour.

Before pupils begin their time with the time-out group a member of staff visits the school to meet parents or guardians as well as members of staff at school. In this meeting any queries are answered by our staff along with giving the pupil and school staff a welcome pack, in this welcome pack it explains the lessons, timetable and reward scheme at The Albion Foundation.

School staff must complete the same weekly points report whilst the pupil is in school and the day before the pupil comes to the time-out group they must send that over to The Albion Foundation staff to see what the pupil has achieved during the week. The same weekly points report is used for the pupil whilst they are at The Albion Foundation which produces a weekly average for the pupils’ achievement throughout the week.1

The pupils can achieve 10 points for each day based on 5 different criteria which are: Engagement, Work Rate, Compliance, Relationship with pupils and relationship with staff. The pupils can achieve 5 points for the morning and 5 points for the afternoon both at school and at The Albion Foundation with the desired point’s average being over 7.5 for the week. If a pupil achieves an average of over 7.5 for the half term they will be entitled to attend the reward trip which is decided through discussion with the pupils throughout the year.


Before the pupils were referred to The Albion Foundation the average attendance in school was 86% with the lowest attendance from the group being 100%. The reasons given for this included reasons such as pupils refusing to come to school.

15 boys were engaged in primary time out across the year with the attendance for the year being 100%. The 15 pupils that attended were from 9 schools with 5 schools referring more than one pupil across the year due to the impact the time-out group has had on their pupils. Across the year 12 pupils have attended on both Thursday and Friday with 3 pupils only attending either Thursday or Friday.

What is delivered?

2The programme is delivered on Thursday and Friday with pupils doing a sport session on Thursday morning before eating their lunch in the Brasshouse café near The Albion Foundation school. On Thursday afternoons the pupils have taken part in a number of different schemes of work throughout the year which include art, science, maths as well as designing their own dream school and creating their own autobiography.

The science and maths projects that children have taken part in have included making balloon rockets, parachutes for eggs to safely land,investigating the different dimensions of helicopter wings. Through the year the children have done schemes of art work that have included pop art, street art and abstract art with the final results being very good.

On Friday the structure is similar to Thursdays with the morning session being a sports session delivered in the sports hall. Across the course of the year the group have taken part in schemes of work including cricket, tennis, football, golf, basketball, handball as well as wheelchair basketball and Boccia which is a sport in the Paralympics. After the morning session in the sports hall pupils come back to The Albion Foundation school where they do some reading before having their lunch. In the afternoon they have taken part in different reading and writing schemes throughout the year which has included the Premier league reading stars programme.

The level of engagement shown by pupils during these sessions helps them to achieve a place on the reward trip at the end of term, this takes place on the final day of each half term to somewhere of the pupils choosing and has proven to be a big success this year.

Impact measures:Untitled

Across the year the programme has delivered to 15 boys that have included one year 3 pupil, two year 4 pupils, six year 5 year pupils and six year 6 pupils. Last academic year 14 pupils were engaged across the year.

Pupils attended the home fixture versus Bournemouth in December 2015.

Pupils attended end of term reward trips where 5 pupils attended the cinema trip, 6 pupils attended the bowling trip, 2 pupils attended Airspace and 5 pupils attended Drayton Manor.

Across the year the average points achieved by our group in Autumn term 1 was 6.95, Autumn 2 was 6.9, Spring 1 was 6.88, Spring 2 was 7.491, Summer 1 was 7.91 and Summer 2 was 7.8. The average across the year was 7.32 out of 10 based on points achieved in school and at The Albion Foundation.

As a result of the Premier League Reading Stars programme all participants improved their reading ages with the average improvement for the group being 6 months. There was a questionnaire based on attitudes towards reading that the pupils filled in before and after the programme, the results showed that 100% of participants stated that reading was fun which is a 58% increase before the programme. Another result was that 100% disagreed that reading in their spare time is pointless which is an increase in this positive attitude towards reading by 43% compared to their attitude before the programme.  

3What went well?

  • Good level of enjoyment and engagement across the year. Pupils have attended the Foundation on numerous occasions when their school have had teacher training days and it was their choice whether or not they attended the Foundation.
  • Size of the group was small at the beginning of the year however since October half term there have consistently been around 6 in the group each day.
  • Despite problems at school generally the behaviour has been good across the year at the Foundation. There are a number of pupils who attend who are on part time timetables at school and are not allowed to integrate with other pupils at their schools however when they attend the time out group they all integrate with each other well.
  • Bains Travel is very flexible with the Foundation regarding picking up pupils at different times which is incredibly helpful.

What could be improved?

  • More communication between schools and The Foundation staff regarding the pupils in attendance. There have been occasions where pupils have been excluded from school which the Foundation staff were unaware their behaviour was deteriorating as this wasn’t reflected in the weekly reports from school.
  • There is one pupil who is academically operating at a year 1 level, this was not made aware to Foundation staff prior to him attending which has been difficult to deliver differentiated lessons to him.

Future Plans:

  • The introduction of more consistent staffing for next academic year, this year there was one member of staff with the group at all times however as of next academic year there will be three with one in a supporting role throughout, one in charge of classroom sessions and one in charge of sport sessions. This will enable pupils to get to know these three members of staff really well whilst building up a bond with the staff as opposed to having different support staff for each session throughout the day.
  • The use of DOJO was really effective during the latter part of the year after a number of different techniques for showing progress through the year this proved to be the most effective.
  • To get a higher percentage of pupils on the reward trips throughout the year, this year there was always a good percentage of pupils who attended the reward trip however there was not an occasion where all pupils attended the reward trip.


AM (pupil in Primary Time Out)I like working with all staff members, especially Dave because they help me in all ways”.

Francesca Heath who is the Inclusion Manager and Senior Leader at Harvills Hawthorn Primary School stated: “David has proved himself to be very supportive both of the children and school. He has visited the school a number of times for set up meetings and to meet with children and parents. Everything he has done for us has been speedily dealt with and deadlines met. He has given us informative comments on the children he has worked with and we really appreciate the time and effort he has put in. It is a pleasure to work with David.”

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If you would like to refer a student to our provision, please complete and return the following form (Referral Form) to Anna Pincher (Education and Inclusion Programmes Manager) at 


For more information on The Albion Foundation and our activities, call us on 0871 271 9840.