Corporate Partnerships

The Albion Foundation is uniquely recognised for the quality delivery of sport and education


Corporate partnerships play an integral role in The Albion Foundation’s work. Through schooling, sport and education, The Albion Foundation works with children, young people and adults with learning or physical disabilities, consistently delivering our motto of “Inspire to Achieve”.

A corporate partnership with The Albion Foundation can be a rewarding experience for everyone, helping your company to achieve your business objectives and, crucially, helping us to achieve our goal to transform the lives of some of the hardest to reach young people, their families and the communities in the areas of Sandwell & Dudley, Birmingham, and Worcestershire.

Charity of the Year Partner:

WEST BROMWICH ALBION FOUNDATION SCHOOL CELEBRATES ITS SECOND BIRTHDAYThe Albion Foundation is ideal for a Charity of the Year Partnership. Our dedicated team will work closely with your company to develop a programme of fundraising events that will engage your staff, your customers and your key stakeholders, delivering a mutually beneficial and rewarding partnership.

A charity of the year partnership is a great way to build and enhance staff morale and motivation, increase team building and staff development opportunities. It is also a fantastic demonstration of your organisation’s commitment to being a good corporate citizen.

Throughout the relationship you will benefit from an experienced account manager dedicated to working with your business to help shape your fundraising initiatives and goals and ensure that our partnership is rewarding and inspiring for everyone involved.

A partnership with The Albion Foundation provides you with an ideal opportunity to engage your employees in a meaningful and inspiring way, placing your employees at the forefront of your relationship with The Albion Foundation’s work with the overall aim of inspiring to achieve in your community.

Our Corporate Partnerships team can work with you to:

  • Promote bespoke employee fundraising initiatives
  • Organise themed fundraising events
  • Engage staff with The Albion Foundation campaigns and events, such as our Annual Foundation day in front of 26,000 people and the opportunity for your support to be broadcast on Sky Sports Television
  • Connect with other key stakeholders such as your customers and suppliers and those of the West Bromwich Albion Football Club

Contact Jonathan Ward – Sports Development and Sponsorship Officer
Tel:  0871 271 9840   Mobile: 07841 802 005  Email address: 

Sponsorship opportunities:DSC_0825

The Albion Foundation can offer your company an exciting range of sponsorship opportunities. Whether your company wishes to sponsor our Annual Foundation Day, individual fundraising and high profile events, or one of the many initiatives we are delivering – such as our Sporting Club Albion Disability Sports Teams. We have a range of packages to suit your needs, aims and objectives.

Corporate sponsorship with The Albion Foundation not only helps us to keep costs down, but also aligns your business with a UK charity that supports over 8,000 people each week and over 24,000 individual beneficiaries each year.

Some of the benefits of corporate sponsorship with The Albion Foundation include:

  • Flexibility to align your company with a specific issue, localised work or programme
  • Opportunities to sponsor our campaigns, high profile events and influential publications
  • Testimony of your company’s commitment to being a good corporate citizen

SONY DSCCompany Donations:

Company donations enable The Albion Foundation to continue delivering our life changing programmes to the communities of Birmingham, Sadwell, Dudley and Worcestershire.

A donation is a straightforward means of support that allows The Albion Foundation to react quickly to the needs of the people we work with, the schools we partner with and the grass root organisations that we support. However, we do recognise that there are often areas of our work which link naturally with your business, and would be delighted to work with you to identify a project for support which best matches your business objectives.

Whether your company prefers to make a one-off or regular donation, we will ensure you are kept fully informed on how your support has helped make a valuable difference to the lives of the people impacted as a result of our programmes.

Gifts in Kind:

We are always grateful to receive gifts in kind that we are able to use as auction or raffle prizes, or pop into goodie bags at events. Furthermore, as a charity working with over 24,000 beneficiaries a year, the support of companies to support our strategic focus through gifts in kind can make a real difference.

Payroll Giving:

Payroll giving is one of the most tax-effective ways for your staff to donate to charity. Donating to the charity directly from your salary gives you and the charity you choose to support some unique payday benefits. Your donation is taken from your pre-tax salary, meaning that your donation comes from money that would have otherwise gone to HMRC.

For example making a £20 donation to charity:

For more information on The Albion Foundation and our activities, call us on 0871 271 9840.