Foundation Aims and Objectives

The Albion Foundation is uniquely recognised for the quality delivery of sport and education


The Albion Foundation works in partnership with West Bromwich Albion Football Club, using the medium of football and the kudos of the football club to provide sporting and educational opportunities to the most disadvantaged members of our local community.

We employ 46 full-time and 81 part-time staff, supplemented by more than 130 volunteers whose aim is to “Inspire to Achieve” on a daily basis.

We have established a reputation for delivering high quality programmes and are proud of the strong partnerships built over a sustained period of time.

Our strategic principles are as follows:

  • To make a difference and raise aspirations in our local community
  • To connect West Bromwich Albion Football Club to its local community
  • To grow our own staff and our community.

All of our staff pride themselves on maintaining and developing our set of 11 core values in which we all adhere to:

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We have a clear vision for the future of the Foundation where we strive for the following:

  • To be the best deliverer of football (and selected sports) activities in the country
  • To be the best alternative education provider in the country

Our key focus areas of work are as follows (Please click on each heading for more information):


Education and Inclusion

  • Adding value to local schools,
  • Providing a second chance
  • Mentoring the most disadvantaged.


Disability Sport

  •  Adding value to special schools
  • Providing opportunities
  • Developing relationships to make real differences to lives.


Sporting Opportunities

  • Inspiring love of sport,
  • Providing a quality pathway
  • Growing our own staff and players


Sporting Club Albion

An opportunity to represent West Bromwich Albion and wear the club colours in a range of sports through a professional structure providing opportunities to perform at an elite level.

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We are delighted to provide ongoing support to The Albion Foundation. As a Football Club, we recognise the importance of being part of and contributing to our local community and the Foundation does this superbly. We look forward to seeing the Foundation achieve continued-and even greater-success in the future. Jeremy Peace – Chairman, West Bromwich Albion Football Club

“I would like to praise The Albion Foundation for all of their superb work. They are a great example for community projects throughout the country and are leading the way with initiatives like this.” Simon Morgan – Head of Community, Premier League

Proudly Sponsored for the 2015-16 Season by:


For more information on The Albion Foundation and our activities, call us on 0871 271 9840.