Looked After Children (LAC)

A partnership with local authorities to support Looked after Children

The Albion Foundation work in partnership with Sandwell LACE virtual schools to deliver in school, evening, and weekend and holiday provision for Looked after Children (LAC).



We have designated INSPIRE coaches that work in schools specifically with Looked after Children. This support includes 1 to 1 support both in class and out of class, Small group work and behaviour and emotional mentoring depending on the pupils needs and also the needs of the school they attend.

LACE Feedback

The Albion Foundation also delivers out of school hours provision for Looked after Children for pupils in school years 5 – 9 to help support them with challenges they might face such as transition to high school, low self-esteem and confidence issues. 120 Club provides these young people with a safe and welcoming environment in which young people can interact with other young people in care whilst making new friends and developing their social skills through activities such as cooking, arts & crafts and team building activities.

The Albion Foundation also support the Sandwell LACE Virtual School Summer Residential programme for Looked after Children in years 6 & 7 to further help and support pupils through their transition from primary to secondary school.

What difference has it made so far?

  • 81% of pupils showed improved self-esteem after completing a pre and post questionnaire.
  • We worked with and supported 61 Looked After Children during the last academic year.
  • 12 pupils attended WBA FC vs Arsenal FC during the 2015/16 season.
  • Pupils rated 120 Club 9.9 out of 10 for enjoyment. 

“Since (INSPIRE coach’s) intervention with P her behaviour and attitude towards school have much improved” Assistant Head Teacher

“JW helps us with our problems and listens to us” Year 7 pupil that attends regular meetings with Albion Foundation Inspire Coach, JW.

‘It helps me when I am having a difficult time’ Year 8 Pupil.

The LACE Virtual School have worked in conjunction with the Albion Foundation offering a range of activities to Looked After Children. Young people have benefited from creative teaching, mentoring and ongoing support including work experience and career opportunities. Young people praise the enthusiasm and commitment of the team they work with and if appropriate, reintegrate successfully into mainstream educationKathy Ross, LACE Virtual School.

‘The best thing is they look after us and they never give up on us’ Year 6 pupil

For more information on The Albion Foundation’s work with Looked After Children please contact Craig Bannister on 0871 271 9840 or email craig.bannister@albionfoundation.co.uk


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