Albion Ambassadors

Leadership skills for Year 5 and 6

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Albion Ambassadors is a programme run by The Albion Foundation which aims to develop and enhance leadership skills in young children, the course is rolled out in primary schools and uses a series of themed theory and practical sessions to teach effective leadership to all participants.

Options exist for the course to run as either a six week or a twelve week programme, the six week focuses entirely on leadership skills, utilising an hour of theory and an hour of practical each week to bring across the message, leading all participants up to delivering their own sports session to their peers at the end of the course to display the acquired skill set. The twelve week programme contains the same as the sixweek, however looks further into detail with the various topics and includes focus on citizenship as students look into things such as anti-social behaviour and discrimination as well.

DSC_0485Lots of research has been done into the programme’s content and is ongoing to ensure the programme is the best it can be, we use evaluations from participants and teachers to ensure the programme is constantly refreshed and improving. The areas of focus for leadership include good and bad leaders, communication, teamwork, organising & planning, compromise and confidence – when extending to the twelve week course we look at the content of a session, how and why we do a warm-up, risk assessments, anti-social behaviour and discrimination.

The course has so far proved very successful with twelve programmes running throughout this year with more and more schools showing an interest.

Two members of the Albion Foundation’s coaching staff
will Albion Ambassadors Feedbackhead over to the school each week to run both an hour’s highly interactive and group focused classroom-based theory work, and an hour’s sport-based practical work all looking to teach or enhance the leadership skillsets being taught. We run the course for between a minimum of 16 pupils up to an entire class per cohort.

Pricing for the Albion Ambassadors programme starts at £35.00 per participant for a six week programme and £50.00 per participant for the twelve week programme. As well as the opportunity to take part in this fantastic course and learn and develop invaluable life-skills, all participants will also receive a free Albion Ambassadors t-shirt. To help provide evidence of the work and skills being taught, we also provide each Albion Ambassador with a ‘Leader’s Diary’, into which all theory based work will be placed, and we will encourage pupils to keep a log of when and how they are using their new-found leadership skills outside of the Ambassadors programme, whether at home, in school or during extra-curricular activities.

For futher information on the Albion Ambassadors programme or to book a course for your school, please contact Dave Lawrence via email or call 0871 271 9840

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