Your chance to contribute to The Albion Foundation

The Albion Foundation has been a registered charity since 2000 and in this time we have made a positive difference to thousands of people in our local community

Any donations we receive, whether big or small are most welcome and we guarantee that this money will be put back in to furthering our vital work with deprived or disadvantaged young people.

The Albion Foundation are also signed up to charity donation site, Just Giving. Being a part of the Just Giving website allows The Foundation to claim “Gift Aid” on any donations made. This enables us to reclaim the basic rate of tax, which equals out at around 25p for every pound donated, so it makes a huge difference. It also means that making a donation to The Albion Foundation is simpler than ever.

You can donate through Just Giving by clicking on the below link:


To make a donation to The Albion Foundation please send a cheque to payable to ‘The Albion Foundation’, at Ford Street, Smethwick, B67 7QY or call us on 0871 271 9840 to make a donation via a credit or debit card.

Thank you for your support.


For more information on The Albion Foundation and our activities, call us on 0871 271 9840.